Local Mt. Shasta

Cold Creek Inn
They offer a 15% discount to SMG climbers. Basic, clean, accommodations close to town and The Fifth Season.

The Fifth Season
Mt. Shasta’s mountaineering shop for gear and rentals. Our meeting place on day one.

Shasta Base Camp
Rental equipment available.

USFS Mt. Shasta Avalanche Report
Daily winter avalanche advisory on Mt. Shasta. Know before you go.

USFS Shasta Climbing Report
Operated by the US Forest Service Climbing Rangers. Regularly updated route conditions and climbing report

Siskiyou County Visitor’s Bureau
Area visitor information and links.

Mount Shasta Wilflowers
A wonderful new field guide featuring the paintings of Edward Stuhl. Perfect companion to hiking on Mt. Shasta


Partner Organizations

California Alpine Guides
Join SMG’s Technical Director Dave Miller on another adventure. Specializing in the Sierra Nevada range California’s Range of Light

International Alpine Guides Our partners for your next adventure abroad. Ski the Haute Route, climb in the Alps, Aconcagua or the volcanoes of Mexico and Ecuador. Dave Miller AMGA/IFMGA/UIAGM Certified.

Black Diamond
Climbing and skiing equipment

Clif Bar
The best tasting sports energy bar and athletic nutrition

Climb Against the Odds
The Breast Cancer Fund’s Annual Summit Climb on Mt. Shasta

Mountain Hardwear
Full selectioon of high quality equipment. Tents, backpacks, clothing and more.

Leaders in sustainable company practices creating some of the finest outdoor clothing available.


Shasta Mountain Guides

Mt. Shasta Summit Climb

Required Equipment List

Provided is a comprehensive clothing and equipment list for our 2-4 day summit climbs. Every item on the list is required. Weather extremes may range from 0F to 70F, proper layering allows comfort in all conditions. Bring only that which is necessary to avoid overburdening yourself with extra weight. Locally rentable items are marked with an * at The Fifth Season in Mt. Shasta.

Here are some tips from our guides who use and test this equipment extensively

  • We recommend that you think light and simple when packing and avoid doubling up on similar layers.
  • Test your layers before a trip. One set of base layers is sufficient for multi day climbs. The Down/synthetic insulated jacket is fit to be worn over all your additional layers.
  • No Cotton. Cotton drains body heat when wet and is unsuitable for climbing; this includes briefs/bras, etc. Wicking layers like Capilene or Wool are best suited for high output activities in the mountains.
  • A thin, hiking specific sock is best; wool or synthetic. The boot provides the warmth; the sock fine tunes the fit.
  • Bring an easily compressible down or synthetic mummy style sleeping bag rated to 15-25. If you are a cold sleeper, consider a bag with a 15F-5F rating.
  • Boots are often the biggest question. Most people rent this item along with crampons and ice axe with great success. A mountaineering is required. Backpacking and hiking boots are not sufficient for the climb. Plastics are best early season (May-June) or for multiple day seminars. Leather/hybrid are best mid summer and for regular summit climbs. The Fifth Season has a vast selection for rent and we highly recommend this option.

Shasta Mountain Guides Provided Equipment

We will supply the items listed below. You are welcome to use your own tents or harnesses if you prefer

  • Tents. We supply 2 and 3 person mountaineering tents
  • Main Meals (Dinner and Breakfast) Our meals are organic and delicious! Vegetarian meals are easily accommodated. We are not able to easily provide vegan or gluten free options.
  • Ropes. Depending on route, we will be roped together for portions of the climb and descent.
  • Harnesses Black Diamond Alpine Bod
  • All Summit Passes and Permits
  • Friendly Guides and Instruction. All of our trips include review of mountaineering basics and skills necessary for the climb. Longer seminars have a thorough progression of alpine climbing techniques.

Personal Equipment and Clothing

Items marked with a * are available to rent. Suggestions and links are provided

  • Climbing Boots*: Double plastic or Leather/Hybrid mountaineering. Backpacking/Hiking boots are NOT suitable.
  • Crampons*: Mountaineering/Alpine Climbing style
  • Climbing Helmet*:
  • Ice Axe*
  • Expedition backpack*: 70-80 Liter/5,000 cubic inch, internal frame
  • Sleeping bag*: Mummy style synthetic or down, rated 15-20*.
  • Sleeping pad*: Air or closed cell foam pad
  • 1 locking carabiner
  • 2 pair Hiking Socks: Wool or Synthetic lightweight
  • Underwear: Briefs & Bras must be synthetic material
  • Base Layer Bottom
  • Base Layer top
  • Light or medium weight sweater: Fleece or wool
  • Water-resistant shell pants: Hard or soft shell
  • Water/Wind resistant shell parka
  • Insulated Jacket: This is required and very necessary. Down or synthetic fill. Mid weight
  • Gaiters*: Mid-calf
  • Fleece or Wool hat: warm & covers ears
  • Brimmed Sun Hat: Cap or other
  • Shorts: Summer only (optional)
  • Light Weight Liner Gloves. Soft shell or fleece
  • Insulated Gloves: Waterproof ski or mountaineering style.
  • Water bottles: 2-3 Quart Bottles. Water bladders are NOT recommend
  • Eating utensils: Cup, bowl, spoon only
  • Headlamp with fresh batteries
  • Sunglasses: glacier type/full coverage dark lens ~ important
  • Sunscreen and lip protection: 25 SPF minimum
  • Personal kit: Small quantity of toilet paper, towelettes, toothbrush, blister kit, pocket knife, etc.
  • 1 large garbage sack
  • Snacks: Food for climb days. Variety of small/packable portions of carbs, fats, proteins and sweets.
  • Trekking/ski poles*: Highly recommended for approach hike.
  • Camp Shoes: Booties or light shoes/sandals in summer
  • Camera: optional but well worth bringing

Ipods/Earphones are not allowed during the climb or hike to basecamp.