Climb Against the Odds Mt Shasta 2016

Climb teams are assembling at Bunny Flat this morning to begin the Breast Cancer Fund’s Climb Against the Odds – Mt. Shasta 2016. 17 climbers, survivors, and supporters who’s lives have been affected by the disease will attempt to summit Mt. Shasta via the West Face route.

These amazing men and women have trained and fundraised over the past year to help further the mission of the Breast Cancer Fund to identify and eliminate the environmental and preventable causes of Breast Cancer. We are grateful to each and every one of them for their commitment and generosity. You can follow the progress of the teams as they make their way to base camp today(June 21st) and up the mountain tomorrow (June 22nd) on the map posted here courtesy of Firewhat. Firewhat integrates Delorme and Spot satellite tracking devices with Esri ArcGIS Server to create a customizable live map view of teams in the field.

Follow the teams here

For more information please visit Firewhat

And for more details as the climb progresses visit the Breast Cancer Fund blog Prevention Starts Here

Good luck, climb safe, and have a great adventure. Thanks for watching!

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